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A forward-looking company believes in the knowledge of yesteryear. An outstanding craft-built helicopter, combining the finest in engineering with true workmanship. It flies with perfect aerodynamics. It provides comfort without precedent. It is customizable based on your desires.
Half-measures are for people who settle for second best.
The other ones choose LH212.

Design and construction by LCA Italia

The LH212 Delta is a robust manouevrable Two-Seater Ultralight Helicopter. LH212 is suitable for various tasks at low operation cost, thanks to the Rotax914 engine and 4-cylinder turbo intercooler. Its titanium alloy frame pressurized makes it sturdy, light enough and stainless. Precise attention to aerodynamics and mechanics permit low fuel consumption, high performance and top comfort.

Specification LH212 Delta
EngineRotax 914 four-cylinder
Horse power max takeoff / max continue115 hp / 108 hp
Available weight (pilot, passenger, baggage, standard fuel)578 lbs (262 kg)
Empty weight equipped (included oil, standard avionics)616 lbs (278 Kg)
Maximun Gross Weigth1190 lbs (540 Kg)
Standard Fuel 17 gal (65 L) 103 lbs (47 kg)
Auxiliary Fuel6,5 gal (25 L) 40 lbs (18 kg)
Fuel consumption per hour4-6 gal (14-22 L) 33-41 lbs (10-15 kg)
Cruising speed90 kts (102 mph), 165 km/h
Max Airspeed (Vne)113 kts (130 mph) 210 km/h
Maximun Range, excluded reserve345 nm, (397 sm), 640 km
Hover ceiling IGE / 1190 lbs 9850 ft, (3000 m)
Hover ceiling OGE / 1100 lbs 8200 ft, (2500 m)
Max Operating Altitude 14000 ft, (4200 m)
Climb Rate 1670 ft/min. (510 m/min)
Electrical System 12 volt
TBO 2000
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